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Whether you are in Uganda or else where we are entrusted watch dogs of your property and your assets are in the safe hands.

Why choose Wilken property services limited to manage your Property?
We are your number one property managers and guarantee you Rent. We understand and appreciate that property owners have many available options when choosing a property manager. While there are many alternatives, a few can deliver our combination of services and expertise. Here are key points of difference between Wilken property services limited in Property Management compared to other companies:

  • We are committed to a high level of professionalism, personalized service which we believe to be unmatched in the eld of Property Management.
  • As experienced professionals in this industry, we have the knowledge and skill; we are trained to manage your property investment efficiently.
  • We are also members of the Uganda Real Estate developers association in Uganda and as such we are regulated.
  • We use innovative marketing to maximize exposure of your property and the possibility of nding a reliable tenant high.
  • Not only do we offer our agency website, but also and partner websites specically tailored to rental property & prospective tenants. Other than this, we distribute copies of our rental list to prospective tenants, real estate partners locally area and internationally on a daily basis.
  • We regularly keep you in the know on all matters relating to the management of your property.
  • We use an established prospective tenant database which gives us a distinct advantage in the prompt letting of your property.
  • We can offer you a service that only comes when the Principals of the agency deal hands on with the management of your property.
  • We appreciate our clients time is important and as your Property Managers will do our utmost to offer a timely service.
  • We are an independent stand-alone office; specically trained to efficiently and effectively manage your property.
  • We exercise care and skill in vetting potential the tenants to minimize on cases of errant tenants.
  • We do not have any hidden or add on fees. Our fees are fully disclosed and consistent.
  • We do not operate within a limited scope of work; we make it our responsibility to handle all aspects of the landlord tenant relationship.
  • Very low vacancy and tenant default rates.
  • We offer a Lower Property per Property Manager Ratio and ensuring your investment gets the attention it deserves and you are paying for.


Our clients living in London are fully satisfied with our Total quality service. One of our satisfied clients living abroad has had business with us for the last seven years and has made us her reference point to connect her friends to us. Are you living in London? Feel free to talk to her,

RG30 1 HX
Tel. (044)7506250403

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