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Frequently asked Questions and Answers


What is Wilken Property Services and what do you offer?

Wilken Property Services Ltd is a real estate company offering a wide spectrum of property related services to both local and international clients. Our niche in business is in services below:

  • Property Management
  • Buying and selling of property i.e. Land and building

Land Lord’s Corner:

  1. What do you mean by property management services?

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. Property management involves managing all types of commercial and residential buildings, management of utilities, overseeing maintenance and repair works, rent collection, and generally managing the wellbeing of both the tenants and the property.

  1. Why would I hire WPSL to manage my property when I can do it on my own?

Renting your apartments or house can sometimes be an exhausting experience where you could end up losing a lot of money to defaulting tenants. As a professional with great experience in real estate business, Wilken Property Services Ltd comes in to save you all the hustle straight from tenant screening (selecting the best tenant for your property), Security deposit, rent collection, repair and maintenance services, property inspections, utility management, managing and servicing your responsibility such as mortgages and loans, giving a proper budget and report for your revenue through our monthly reports. 

This will allow you to relax, have a peace of mind and create a professional distance between you and your tenants.

  1. As the Land lord, how then do I pay Wilken for managing my property?

Wilken Property Services is paid by way of commission that is negotiated and agreed on by both parties at the time of signing the management contract.

  1. How much do you charge to manage my property?

Our charges vary depending on the total rent collection from your property. We have two brackets within which we determine our charges. For a property with a total rent collection between 1,000,000/= and 5,000,000/=, our charges are 15% of the total collection per month and for a property with a collection over and above 5,000,000/=, our charges are 10%. However, where you have say one property that does not hit the 1,000,000/= minimum mark say one stand alone house of 800,000/=, you will be charged as though you fall in the first category.

  1. How do I know what rate to let out my apartments?

Setting the rent price is an important decision. Too high and the property will not be let out or will take a long time to find a tenant. Too low and you will reduce your returns and not attract the right target market. When advising land lords about setting the rent for their property, we consider location, features and size of the house, comparable market prices and owner’s opinion.

  1. Do you also help with Rental Tax and property rates?

Yes we do and this is done after the relevant authorities have assessed your tax payable and served us with the assessments. It is done through us but at your cost. We have a team of auditors that we work with who can advise on how to streamline your tax obligations.

  1. Do you pay my rent collections in advance and if so what period do you pay for?

Ordinarily, we do not make advance payments. What we collect from the estate is what you receive at the end of the month or as and when you need it. We guarantee that given our expertise and experience, we will give you up to 90-100% collections every month. However, be that as it may, should you desire advance payments, we will only offer payments of up to only 1 month.

  1. How do you go about garbage management?

We usually liaise with the several garbage collection service providers in the areas with whom we sign garbage collection agreements and they ensure that the estate is free from all forms of rubbish.

  1. Does Wilken provide Security for my Estate?

Like the garbage collection, we also engage independent security service providers who offer such services and this cost may be met by either the land lord or the tenants or both the land lord and the tenants. Our role is to advise on how the guard can be paid and also supervise their activities at the estate.

  1. What happens where a tenant defaults and leaves without paying?

First we have a fully fledged team of advocates that help us in tracking down on errant tenants and evicting them. Whenever such tenants have been evicted, property is confiscated from them which we in turn sell and recover the said monies. Secondly, our legal team also pursues these tenants as far as court until the monies due have been paid.

  1. Now that the money is paid to Wilken, how and when do I get paid?

Upon signing our agreement, you will provide us with your bank details where we deposit all the monies received for you as and when they come in. However, we can also agree on payment by cheque or you may also pick the money directly from our offices depending on whatever is convenient for you.

  1. Who pays the letting charges?

The letting charges are paid by you the land lord and this is paid only on the first payment made by the new tenant.

  1. How do you manage the utilities?

We have a fully fledged Utility team comprising of plumbers and electricians. This staff is very helpful in billing where there are sub meters and monitoring the particular service providers’ meters to ensure that the bills are managed and kept within reasonable ranges. They are also very instrumental in ensuring that the tenants do not tamper with the installations.

  1. How often are inspections carried out?

Inspections are conducted periodically i.e. once or twice every month. We also inspect the property at the beginning and end of each tenancy. Owners/land lords receive monthly reports stating the state and condition of the property and outlining any issues that may need attention.

  1. Am I charged even if the house is vacant?

No. Where the house is vacant, you are not charged. We only charge you where the house is occupied and the tenant has paid.  

  1. Who prepares agreements? Is it you or the land lord?

These tenancy agreements are prepared by our legal team and unless you have anything particular or unique that you would wish to be incorporated in them, we usually have our terms that we set that regulate the tenant land lord relationship.

  1. What do you mean by security deposit?

Security deposit is the rent equivalent to one month by the tenant at kept with us at commencement of their tenancy that is meant to ensure that the house is kept intact. At the time of entry into the house we ensure that we take an inventory of all the items and articles in the house and the state in which they are and at the end of the tenancy it is that security deposit that we use to have those items repaired in case they are spoilt out of the user’s negligence.

  1. Who keeps the security deposit?

The security deposit is kept in our coffers until the tenant leaves the house. This is because the agreement for the security deposit is between Wilken and the tenants and not with the land lord

  1. How long are your management contracts?

The minimum period for our contracts is one year. Thereafter you may renew if you wish for as long as we shall have agreed.  

  1. Who does the repairs at my estate?

The repairs may be done by either us or you through your other service providers. Where they are done by us, we contact you first and agree on the cost of the repairs and then go ahead and carry them out and furnish you with receipts at the end of the month. On the other hand, where they are done by you, we call you and alert you of the need and request you to send your people to have the matter addressed.

  1. How do I keep track of the performance at my estate:

Every month you are entitled to a report that outlines how your tenants, fared in terms of rent payment, who was evicted (if any), expenses made (if any) and generally the state of the estate and what may be required for the subsequent months.

  1. How do I pull out of this arrangement in case am not happy with your services or for any other reason?

Like any other contract, our management services may be terminated. It may be terminated by you giving us 3 months’ notice or payment for the reminder of the contract period depending on the circumstances. However, if a disagreement arose, we would honestly prefer talking about it and forge a way forward other than ending the relationship.

  1. If I want new electrical and plumbing installations, does your company offer that?

Yes. Like we saw above, we have electricians, plumbers and builders that offer such services.

  1. In case I have new construction underway, how can I be helped by Wilken Property Services?

Our builders are always on standby to help out from the architectural plans, bills of quantities and construction.

  1. Is Wilken an indigenous company?

Yes. Wilken Property Services (U) Ltd was  incorporated under the laws of Uganda in June 2009 to provide high quality professional services to both corporate companies, commercial and individual people in Uganda. We are also registered with Uganda Property Developers Association (UPDA)

  1. Where do we sign the agreement from? Is it with your lawyers or mine?

Depending on your preference, we usually sign the agreements from our offices in Najjanankumbi, in the legal department. We have a fully fledged professional and dedicated legal team that will take you through the agreement step by step and advise you on any other issues that you may have on property management or besides property management. You are allowed to come along with your lawyer however in case you feel you must.

  1. In which areas does Wilken Operate?

Our coverage for now is in the whole of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, and Entebbe. Our head office is in Najjanankumbi along entebbe road after Shell Najjanankumbi, and we have a branch in Ntinda ministers' village plot 16 Martyrs' drive. A new branch will soon be opened in the bid to bring services closer to our customers.

  1. How do you commence Management of my property?

The first step is to sign the management agreement. After you have signed it, we will prepare for you a change in management letter that you must sign and serve to your tenants and also a copy returned to Wilken, indicating that management has changed from one person to us. That letter indicates the name of the tenant, the telephone number, the rate paid and the status. Thereafter, we will also introduce ourselves to them and it is at that point that our mandate will be presumed to have commenced.

The tenants’ corner

  1. How are tenants selected?

All potential tenants go through our selection process (screening) and have to meet a certain criteria. Thereafter, a contract is signed upon admission of the prospective tenant and this has to be done after he or she has viewed the property or has had someone to view the property on their behalf.

  1. How much do I pay an agent to help me inspect house?

Because we love what we do, and care for our customers, Wilken agents do not charge any inspection fees. The customer or the aspiring tenant only caters for the transport to and from the estate.

  1. How do I pay my rent and other house bills?

Wilken property services has availed its customers with various modes for easy payment of the house bills at any of our offices in Najjanankumbi or Ntinda or through our several bank accounts in centenary bank( Account number 3100004577) ,Stanbic bank( Account number 9030010157667), Diamond trust bank ( Account number 0230578578), dfcu Bank ( Account numer 01453500430821)  or using airtel money account (560005).

  1. Why do I pay security deposit?

The Land lord trusts the tenant to keep their property in good condition and in good order. The deposit is held to ensure that any damages due to negligence or abuse (over and above the ordinary wear and tear) can be corrected at the end of the tenancy. In case there are no damages, the deposit is fully refunded to the customer at the end of their tenancy.

  1. How much notice is a tenant required to give to terminate their tenancy?

Like all other contracts, this depends on what the parties have agreed. However, ordinarily, either party will be required to provide one month’s written notice prior to their vacating date.


Buyers and sellers’ corner:

  1. Do you also deal in land?

Yes we do.

  1. Which estates or sites do you currently have and how much?

Currently, we have the Nsagu Estate  with each plot of 50 by 100 going for 20,000,000/= and we also have the Nakawuka-Jungo site that goes for 15,000,000/= for a plot of 50 by 100 feet, Katalemwa estate going for 18,000,000/= 50 by 100, Kawuku estate  50 by 100 feet  for sale at  30,000,000/= and Kiira estate 50 by 100 feet for sale at 50,000,000/=

  1. Do you take installments?

Yes we do. 60% of the payment as initial deposit and the  duration for completion is two months later.

  1. Does you land have ready titles?

Yes. There isn’t any land that we sell that has no title and we guarantee that you will immediately move out of our offices with your land title as long as you have fully paid.

  1. What documents should I check for before buying an already built property?

The duplicate copy of the title, the sale deed, approved building plans.

  1. I want to sell my property. What are the documents that a buyer will need from me?

Sale agreement, duplicate copy of the title, mutation forms, transfer forms, spousal consent for family property, your Identity card and passport size photograph

  1. How much commission do you charge?

The commission is negotiable depending on the price of the property?

  1. Do you do land transfers?

Yes, we do them and the cost is borne by you.

  1. If my title has land issurance issues, does your company help me?

Yes, we do and all this is done through our team of lawyers.                                                    

Brokers corner:

  1. I am a property broker. How can Wilken property services Ltd help me?

By registering with us as a broker, you will get a chance to work with us, earning 10% commission on the rent amount paid by the customer (tenant) that you bring to rent any of our premises. In case a client for property management has been brought by you, you will also earn 10% commission on the total sums collected the very moment the client signs.

Thirdly, in case it’s a land sale, you are instantly paid 10% of the purchase price.

  1. How do I get to know of the available properties to let?

You may check with any of our staff member at any of our offices or check out our notice boards. You may also visit ourwebsite for more information.


We appreciate your services and wish you the best all years in progress. NABAWEESI GLORIA

Very good work MUTUUJE IVAN

I do appreciate the good envoronment. Keep it ip COUNCILLOR ISSA KIWANUKA

Wilken Property Services Ltd is a private Limited Liability company under the laws of Uganda, we are ....

WHO WE ARE Wilken Property Services Ltd is a private Limited Liability company incorporated in 2009 ....

Wilken Property Services Ltd has built a firm foundation and a good reputation in the execution of t ....

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About us


Wilken Property Services Ltd is a private Limited Liability company incorporated in 2009 under the laws of Uganda, we are a Real Estate Company offering a full spectrum of property – related service to both local and international clients, our niche in business is property management, we are a bridge between the Land lord and the tenants. We manage both commercial and residential property.


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